Urheberrecht bei
Margret I. Moré

Slightly absurd German solo
adventure for kids ≥10 years



What is Reality?

Mist of swirling illusions
Dreams and hopes and thoughts

You are walking your path,
But where is the path,
Oh, is there a path, are there many?

A glimpse of light, a shadow of fear,
Tell me what is, what is not?
You think I wander in spheres of deception,
You think I am insane,
You think I have a mental problem,
Being more than just what I am.

What I am is a multitude,
Dreams to be shattered and dreams to heal,
Sea of emotions, longings and hopes,
Imagination is real.

What I think, it is truth for me,
What I sense, it is right.
What I believe is reality,
Dance in the shadows, dance in the light.

Maybe it's all a foolish dilusion,
Physical matter is all that we are,
Yet it seems to be more than illusion
That there is more by far.

Feelings become reality,
Thoughts wield power, as dreams come true.
Accept them or not, they live an existence
Through imagination in you.


With time we are
With time we age
Nothing lasts forever
No lasting without time.

Where once was beauty
of youth
Shadows linger
Time is forever
There is now beauty
of age.

No loosing without finding
No finding without loosing
No return
Mourn the past
Hope for future
Live the present
The eternity of time
A fragment, a raindrop to the sea -
Time has no memory.

Where once was beauty
of being
Light shines bright
Time is forever
There is still beauty
of being.

Sense of life

The beauty of life is
a timeless dream
until the end.
As the music becomes fainter
you notice that you have hardly
done all you dreamed of,
all you planned.

Get up and walk your way!
Whatever people may think,
does it matter?
Look at the sun,
she doesn't care.
Touch the earth,
she is still there.
The secret of your being,
don't despair.
It'll be over too soon.
Go and have some fun!