Urheberrecht bei
Margret I. Moré

Leicht absurdes Solo-
Abenteuer ab ≥10 Jahre



The Spell

Join the hands together
For deeds that need to be,
Friends for now and ever
Sights beyond to see.

Reach and touch with loving,
Feel the power rise,
Give and take with caring,
All too high the prize.

Walk the paths of fire,
Feel the call of might,
Follow your desire,
What was wrong make right.

Lightning, it is flashing,
Hear the rising storm,
Waves of darkness crashing,
Shapes of power form.

Push at the resistance,
Destruction and decay,
Rid yourself of hindrance,
Shatter all that may.

Ride high on the peak of glory,
Power in the air,
Know it now and write the story,
Spell it everywhere.

Give it all with caring,
Give it all with love,
Find new strength in sharing
Earth and stars above

Heal where earth needs healing,
Give beyond compare,
Surrender all your feeling,
For your deed you dare.

Knowledge in disruption,
Never to give in.
Knowledge in restruction,
In the end to win.

Friends, the link be broken,
Take what is to give,
Freedom as a token,
Leave the ring and live.

But such deeds, outstanding,
Now demand their pay,
Everything is ending
Hell is on its way.

Flames, they linger higher,
Agony and pain,
Soul burns in the fire,
Mind becomes insane.

To have the power

Find your way through darkness,
bearer of the light.
walk the hidden pathways
in the dead of night!
                                    - to be yourself
Give your search a reason,
goals for which to fight,
give yourself an answer
to your endless flight.
                                    - to know the reason why!
Time put on your shoulders
painful, heavy weight,
Lonely steps have bought you
to a stormy height.
                                    - to know where to go!
Light a roaring fire,
shining strong and bright,
concentrate your power
on the blinding sight.
                                    - to know what to do!
Be yourself a leader,
force whith all your might
a way to your redemption,
to your final right!
                                    - to have the power!


They call you Master of the World
And yet they don't know who you are.

You feel the power of the stream,
And see the Ravens in the sky.
You hear the music of the wind,
Reach out, oh soul and fly.

            You carry the light
            Through the darkest night
            You carry it in your heart.

And as the wanderer walks the earth,
A wolf is singing to the moon.
Light is due to come,
Dawn it will be soon.


In a land before time
Born beyond the shadows
Childhood now forgotten
In a place that is no more

Do not tell, do not say
Do not laugh, do not pray
There is danger in the air
Please be careful if you care
This is now and this is real
Like the touch of sharpened steel

Oh Stranger!

Come and go without a sound
Watch behind and turn around
Merge with shadows, hidden race
Suddenly come face to face

With Stranger!

Kicks you right between the eys
In a moment of surprise
Do you think the world is rough
Better deal now and be tough
Do nat ask, do not dare
Do not cry if you care

It's Stranger!

Wish to know all about it
Do you really care to hear it
Do you think that I will tell you
I could just as easy kill you
Threats and darkness, you are scared
After all, what's you compared

To Stranger?

Will he ever go away
Perhaps he is bound to stay
Dark companion in your mind
Answers you will never find
Bound in hatred, bound in love
As you count the stars above

The Stranger.

Are you ready for the fight
Who is wrong and who is right
You don't even know the game
And were never told the name

Of Stranger.
In a land beyond time
Death awaits with silence
Life now meaningless
In a place that is to be