Urheberrecht bei
Margret I. Moré

Slightly absurd German solo
adventure for kids ≥10 years




Deeds becoming unrelated
routine as a song
thinking now on various levels
working like in trance
reality so dreamlike
an all too well known dance

Far remote the shadows linger
nothing matters much
happiness, forgotten feeling
life without an aim
gazing round in wonderment
being without name

Is there need
is  there a question
or a search to be fulfilled?
Conciousness is gone away
dimensionless and lost
timeless, every day.

Fear there is of being
of the word "I am"
Hidden with it is the beauty
of a life of knowing why
of a sense of being sane
Why not dare to try?

For a friend

Lost, oh lost in darkness,
sadness of your heart,
as the world is passing
you just stand apart.

Waiting, hoping longing
paitiently, but still
sensing, feeling, knowing,
never change it will.

You are getting older,
lonley all your life,
there will be no comfort
you will have no wife,

you will have no children
and no friends, no home,
and as time is passing
there you stand alone.

Life is full of danger,
full of broken dreams.
Trying to find safety,
safety by all means.

Chain yourself to routines,
things which stay the same,
money, solid palnning
helps you win the game.

Are you ever happy,
ever satisfied,
don't you want to change it-
have you ever tried?

Don't you feel the torture
not to have a friend?
not to be respected,
feeling the contempt

of the other people,
those who love their way,
those who have a friedship
and have things to say?

Cut the chains of isolation,
cut them into two!
Smash the walls of sepapartion,
which encircle you!

They are there, a million chances,
life, it can be fun.
Leave your shadows, stop your hiding,
reach out for the sun!

And don't fear to burn your fingers
- if you fear, you will-
force away those bad excuses,
come and don't stand still!

Take the hand that's there to help you,
please, and don't be shy,
open up your hall of darkness,
jump, and you will fly!

A path

There is a path of hope
in the desert of despair
leading to a newborn glory
and a feeling of what is right.

There is a path of joy
in the sea of sadness
taking you to a far away place
where your heart wants to dance and sing.

There is a path of power
in the mist of ignorance and disorientation
showing you how to be yourself
and to live a life in freedom.

A new life

Nameless without meaning
Living without aim
Creature of the shadows
With no rights to claim
                                All alone in weakness
                                Never free of grief
                                Nothing to be given
                                Nothing there to give
                                                            Failure and shamefulness
                                                            Hatred of helplessness
                                                            Presence of loneliness
                                                            Darkness in the heart
                                                            Never to part?
                                                                                            Where is the happiness
                                                                                            Love and a joyfulness
                                                                                            Friendship and caresses?

                                                                                            Changing means learning
                                                                                            Time to be passing
                                                                                            Come, understanding
                                                                                            And bury the past
                                                                        Give me a future
                                                                        Of hope and of glory
                                                                        A truth to be found
                                                                        A wonder to see
                                                         Give me a meaning
                                                         A sense of direction
                                                         A path in the darkness
                                                         Leading to me
                                        Finding freedom
                                        A light in the shadows
                                        Joy to be living
                                        Life to be lived
                        Knowing the dark side
                        Feeling the bright side
                        Carried beyond the
                        Deep pit of grief
            Newborn with knowledge
            Free of supression
            Shatter the chains
            Of a slave to be free
Outwards to reach
Receive and be given
Share with your friends
To live and to be